Who we are

Like so many, we have been hit by COVID-19. We work in the aviation profession, which COVID-19 has hit hard. Having flown everything from a little glider to the world's largest passenger aircraft globally, our skill base is no longer useful in the short term. What we do know about is safety and protecting our customers and families, and we have turned our hand to manufacturing, bottling and distributing Hand Sanitisers made here on Hayling Island, Hampshire, UK.

We have used the same care and attention in a product that we would normally use if we were flying your family on its summer vacation or flying you to that important meeting.

We hope that if we can expand our brand we can use it to help some of our cabin crew colleagues escape universal credit and start work again.

Please take a second to read our FAQ section about Hand Sanitiser products available on the UK market today.  Not all sanitisers are the same or legal for sale.