Hand Sanitisers FAQ

What are the regulations?

  • Hand Sanitisers (Biocides) are a regulated product, with both the EU and UK.  There are many regulations, the main being EU No 528/2012, BS EN 1276/2009.
  • During the COVID-19 outbreak, the United Kingdom's Health and Safety Executive has allowed a derogation allowing Hand Sanitiser products to be manufactured without having to conduct the BS EN1276/2009 testing process which takes several months, providing the product is manufactured strictly in accordance with the derogation.
  • https://www.hse.gov.uk/news/hand-sanitiser-manufacture-supply-coronavirus.htm

What approvals do you have?

  • Under the derogation, we are approved by the Health and Safety Executive to manufacture either 80% Alcohol (Ethanol) Hand Sanitiser according to the World Health Organisation FORMULAE 1, or 75% Alcohol (Propan-2-Ol) Hand Sanitiser according to World Health Organisation FORMULAE 2.
  • We are also licensed by HRMC to purchase the base reagent in the United Kingdom.

Do you use animal products?

  • No.  AV8RS Hand Sanitiser is vegan, using grain ethanol (HMRC TSDA1 Pharmaceutical Grade), Glycerol (certified vegetable Pharmaceutical Grade), Hydrogen Peroxide (Pharma Grade) and Pure Distilled Water also Phama Grade.

I have seen hand sanitiser for sale with only 70% alcohol or less?

  • Generally speaking, hand sanitiser must be approved to BS EN1276/2009 or be produced under the HSE derogation with approval and have a 80% Ethanol or 75% Propan-2-ol as the base biocide/reagent.

Do you add Aloe Vera or scents?

  • No, we don't.  This is not permitted under the derogation by the Health and Safety Executive. 

Is your product a liquid or a gel?

  • Our hand sanitiser is a liquid.  The flip cap dispenser has a small hole and drops only a small amount into your palm, sufficient to sanitise your hands. Hand sanitising gels must be approved to BS EN1276/2009 or have specific authorisation from the HSE under derogation, as it is a change to the WHO formulae.

Do you make a huge profit?

  • No.  We are a small family firm and I normally fly planes.  We are just trying to make a small profit to pay the mortgage, like many others.

Why do prices fluctuate so much?

  • We buy in materials to make our hand sanitiser in batches of 10,000. The base chemicals' (reagents) price has inflated multiple times during this crisis.  We buy our ingredients in the UK.  They are UK made and traceable to source. We do not buy chemicals from China, Asia or India.  Nor do we rebrand hand sanitiser that's not UK approved or made overseas.  Similarly, suitable recyclable bottles and bottle lids are difficult to obtain now and suffering enormous price inflation.